A suitable disinfectant should be applied to the building before introducing a new flock of poultry or young animals to prevent the build up of disease. Best results will be achieved when the building is thoroughly cleaned and washed down to remove dirt and debris prior to treatment. Most disinfectants are effective when applied with droplets of 50-80 microns in size so that they not only leave a residual deposit, but also to ensure that there is some moisture present long enough to ensure activity against the bacteria.


Thermal ULV machines are ideally suited for this use, and the Dyna Fog Hurricane ES , Cyclone Ultra , Tornado and Dyna-Fog® MISTER III can be used from the doorway of the building.


 Alternatively a Dyna-Fog® Typhoon I (fitted with a Diaphragm Pump for high output) or Dyna-Jet® L30 can be driven through the house on a cart or truck, and for small buildings such as hatcheries the Dyna-Fog® Tornado is an ideal size machine.


The Dyna-Fog® NIGHTSTAR® is a novel concept in application in that the machine can treat an entire house from one position without an operator being present. A choice of droplet sizes for particular applications can be made and houses up to 60000 sq. ft. (6000 m²) may be treated. Where regular treatments are made a Dyna-Fog® NIGHTSTAR® S can be permanently installed from a ceiling.