Thermal foggers can be successfully used in a number of tree crops where the leaves form a "closed" canopy and the advantage of a thermal fog in that it will carry the chemical up to this canopy, which is often at a considerably height and surfaces. The canopy will then retain the fog until it has settled onto the leaf. Two crops commonly treated are rubber and oil palm, but cocoa and coconuts can also be suitable crops for such treatment. Thermal fogging is used for applying insecticides, but more commonly for applying fungicides. In rubber the two principal diseases are odium and phytophasu.

 Any chemical can be applied in this manner, but to ensure that the chemical is carried up to the canopy it must be formulated in a suitable oil, and treatment is best carried out early in the morning when the thermal up currents are at their strongest and the prevailing winds are at their weakest. Hand held models such as the Dyna-Fog® Falcon , Fogger XL 120 , Ss Fog 150 can be used when the terrain is unsuitable for vehicular travel, but when the terrain permits the Dyna-Fog® 1200 is the model of choice