Wegwan Portable Power Sprayer

Wegwan is an ideal partner for Spraying on Orchard & Ground crop. The farmers prefers 'Wegwan' as the most durable, efficient, Portable & labour saving spraying equipment, which can be used for agriculural purpose, Wegwan is designed for used under the least favorable conditions.
Engine 2 stroke petrol engine - 34cc
Carburetor Diaphragm type
Ignition system T.C, I.
Max power (In kw./RPM) 0.75 kw/8500
Max power (In HP) 1 hp
Engine RPM 8500
Working RPM 7000
Start System Recoil Starter
Fuel tank capacity 700 ml
Specials FEATURES:
Wegwan is the light weight & very powerful Sprayer
Engine produces high torque normally associated
Recoil starter for easy starting.
Provided with continuous auto agitation system.