Vento 600-24 Air Blast Sprayer

Technical Data
Tank Capacity : 600 lit
Pump(Bertolini) : 55 lit/min
Nozzles : 6+6
Propeller : 70 cm
Air Speed : 29,000 cmh
Spray Range : Spread 4 m. , Height 4 m.
Sprayer Unit Dimensions : 210 cm L - 98 cm W - 100 cm H
Time : 195/60 - 14/5 F
Weight(Empty) : 275 kgs
Powerfull turbofan 24" (29,000 cmh).
Instant *Variable propeller.
(Spray power adjust in6sec. only)
Brass nozzles 6+6 two side spray nozzles
with ceramic disk & check valve.
Remote spray-contol from tractor seat/manual valve
Guided suction air flow by counter propeller.
Very robust chassis.
Front to back wide, roust steel keel.
Ajustable track axles.
Height & Lenth the adjustable tow -bar.
Total Contents utilization tank.
Sided fill port.
Double Miture Agitation:
-Tifone pressure, Hydrojet agitator. -Tifone automatic self incremental '4x' agitator.
Strong high quality pressure pump
TEA 55 L/mim, 40 bar, Connecting rods in brass.
Pressure adjust Tele control AP-100
Fully Automatic self-clean filter.
(never to be cleaned!)
Complete rinsing circuit plant with 90 liters tank.