Foggers India was established in 1999 as company importing crop protection sprayers and fogging machines from Kwazar - Poland and Curtis Dyna Fog - USA.
Our roots go back to our parent company Bombay Seeds Supply Co. which was established by Mr. Motilal K Shah in 1885. Bombay Seeds has been dealing in all agro inputs for past 126 years.
Today we are pan-Indian Distribution Company with head office in Mumbai and regional office at Bangalore. Our Agro Equipments distribution net work covers more than 500 dealers in 17 Indian States promoting more than 60 products.
We are biggest thermal fogging machine selling company in India.
Presently we are in three business verticals
3H Business - Human & Hygiene,
Human Hygiene:
This business unit is focusing on Infection Management Business with worlds best Cold Fogging Machines use for infection management in Hospitals, Drugs Mfg. Units , Food & Beverages Mfg. units and Poultry Markets.
Human Health:
This business unit is focusing on the controlling Mosquito which spreads disease like malaria, dengue through Thermal & Cold Fogging.
Crop Protection Equipments:
Crop Protection Equipments business is promoting Crop Protection Manual , Power Sprayers and Tractor Mountable Sprayers for small to medium farmers to large farmers.
Farm Equipments & Machinery:
Farm Equipments & Machinery is focused in equipments reducing the labor intensive farm operations by various power operated equipments.
Worlds Biggest Agriculture Inputs Distribution Company.
Continually Improve Productivity, Yield and Profit for our customers.
Core Value
Foggers India always stands for the highest level of Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthiness with our Employee, Vendors, Customers, Investors & Government.
Foggers Field School
Foggers Field School is established for making its contribution and investment back in the community. This school’s objective is to extend practical education in the field of practical Agriculture to the farmers, agriculture graduates, agriculture diploma holder and staff of hundreds of agriculture dealers across India.