CDA-Battery Operated Spinning Disc Sprayer

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CDA-Battery Operated Spinning Disc Sprayer

* CDA stands for Control Droplet Application
* The atomiser disc turns by electric motor action powered by batteries.
* It is used in the application of herbicides (total or non-selective herbicides such as
* The herbicides falls due to gravity onto the disc and is broken down into uniform
droplets obtaining CDA spraying.
* Robust and simple: Minimal electrical connection, external protected wiring and hose.
* Ergonomic grip handle featuring simultaneous motor drive and liquid passage.
* Homogeneous coverage including 3 different standard nozzles.

Application Areas:
Specific solution for the crops such as cotton, coffee, cocoa, etc

Technical Specifications:
Tank Capacity: 12 Lt
Operating Time: 40-70 hours
Weight (empty): 0.46 kg
Battery Capacity: 1.5 V X 2 batteries


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