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Custos ULV Sprayer:
Custos is a handy, easy to use ULV Sprayer for infection management at home, offices, hospitals, gym and health club etc. It has two modes of spraying, Ultra Low Volume Spraying and Low Volume Spraying – this type of spraying has very small droplets, thus ensuring even coverage with ultra low/low volumes. Numerous types of chemicals can be used with this sprayer for disinfecting your desired area. The ultra fine spray particles of sprayer gives fine coverage of spray without wetting the surface, supreme application of spray droplets.

Custos’s chemical-resistant precision nozzle and low-profile sturdy tank makes it both functional and incredibly reliable.

Technical Specifications of Custos ULV Sprayer:
* Type: Battery Operated Sprayer
* Battery: Lithium-Ion battery – 3000m/Ah
* Battery Charger: 5V~1 Amp USB charger cable  with round pin plug
* Formulation tank: 800ml/ Transparent Pet Bottle
* Empty Weight: 0.600 kg/unit
* Warranty: 90 days against any manufacturing defect(s).

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