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  • The Blackhawk was designed for a wide range of jobs with maximum efficiency for handling petroleum-based products.
  • The Blackhawk is capable of dispersing disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides for application in greenhouses,a wide range of warehouses and for outdoor pest control in parks, gardens and golf courses.
  • The Blackhawk's simple, innovative design redues unit maintenance and will provide years of rugged, reliable, performance Up to 68 lt/hr per hour capacity, rugged construction, easy maintenance and our patented electric starting system assures greater reliability effectiveness fuel efficiency and ease of operation.
  • The machine is also equipped with an easy to clean stainless steel formulation filter that keeps the system free of unwanted dirt and residue
  • Tested and Approved as per BIS 14855(Part I)
  • Complayance with WHO Standards
  • CE Certified

Technical Specifications:

Name  Dyna Fog Black Hawk. Thermal Fogging Machine. 
Type of Machine  Thermal Aerosol Fog, petroleum based resonate pulse jet principal.
Model no 2620
Starting  Automatic Electric Start. 
Performance of engine tube  28300 KCAL/HR or 44 Hp/hr – 33 Kw/Hr
Operation Auto Shut off valve with remote control operation.
Solution tank Capacity 200 Ltr MS Drum.
Solution Tank Output  0 – 68 Lt. / Hr.
Solution Tank Pressure  0.28 bars.
Fuel Tank Capacity  11.90 liters Plastic Tank.
Fuel Tank Pressure  Nil ( Non Pressured flue tank )
Fuel Consumption  2.3 liters per hr.
Ignition   Buzzer Coil 
Batteries Size 1.5 “D Size” x 8 Dry Battery or a 12 VDC automobile cigarette lighter adapter.
Weight Empty of Machine 18.6 kg 
Dimensions ( CM ) 173.5 x 38.1 x 42.7 [ L x W x H ]
Warranty 1 year warranty.


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