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The Dyna-Jet L 30 is an advanced electric rotary atomizer ULV applicator. The nozzle is powered by a sealed, brushless motor to ensure constant speed and long life. 90% of the droplets produced will be below 20 microns at flow rates up to 18 oz (540ml) /min
Constructed from anodized Aluminium, chemical resistant powder coat epoxy paint, and stainless steel to ensure long life. supplied with a battery and quick connect to the truck battery for automatic recharging

Technical Specification:

Blower Motor 12 Volt DC , Brushless , High Speed Shielded Barings
Power Supply:  
Battery  12v DC, Heavy Duty Acid, Marine Deep Cycle, Group 27,165 minutes reserve capacity with water resistant encloses.
Blower :  
Air Flow 38 Cu.M/Min
Adjustable Vertically Yes with Remote
Adjustable Horizontally Yes manually
Nozzles / Atomizer:  
Media High speed rotary, 2stage Porous Media
Droplet Size 90 % Below 20 microns VMD
Machine Noise Level: 70 decibels
Formulation Pump: FMI ceramic / stainless
Max Flow Rate 414 ml/min
Max Pump Capacity 591 ml/min
Pump Locking  Yes (Pump & Enclosed)
Remote Control:  
Battery meter Yes (Color Bar Graph)
Spray / Flush Control Yes
Blower Angle Control Yes
Formulation Tank:  
Material HDPE
Capacity 57 L
Tank Lock YES
Flush Tank:  
Material HDPE
Capacity 3.8 L
Dust Cover: Standard 
Automatic Flow Control: Yes
Frame Material: Anodized aluminum frame. 
Machine Size LxWxH (cm)
Dimensions  112 x 61 x 99 
Weight (Empty) 48 kg 


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