Foggers XL 175 (M)

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Foggers XL 175 (M)


* Time-tested German Technology.
* Engine output up to 17.5 kw/hr
* Stainless steel formulation and fuel tank
* Suitable for small to medium area
* Covers up to 25acres/hr
* Complying BIS 14855 (part 1)
* 12 months warranty.

Technical Specifications:

NamePortable Thermal Fogging Machine.
Type of MachineThermal Aerosol Fog,  resonate pulse principal. 
Performance of engine tube17.5 KW/hr
Solution Tank Output0-30 Ltr/Hr
Solution Tank Capacity6 LTR
Fuel Tank Capacity1.3 Ltr
Fuel Tank PressureNon-Pressurized Tank
Fuel Consumption1.50 Ltr per Hrs
Ignition SourceBuzzer Coil
Batteries Size6/12 V Lithium Battery
Weight Empty8.0 Kg
StartingElectric Start with Manual Pump Backup
Dimensions107 x 27 x 35 cm
Warranty1 year warranty.
BIS 14855(Part 1)Complainant 
Made In IndiaYes


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