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Guardian ULV Sprayer is a cost effective product which was built for precision that works wonder especially for nursing, maternity homes and theatres. It is designed to level of infection in the shortest possible time. It effectively disinfects surfaces and reduces the risk of microbial transmissions.
It utilises ULV technology to generate small and uniform droplets for maximum coverage during spraying. The sprayer is easy to use and can be operated by a single person. It features a portable design, making it easy to move around to different areas of a facility. It is durable and reliable ensuring long term performance !!

Technical Specifications: 

* Type: Ultra Low Volume , Cold Aerosol Mist Sprayer.
* Power Input: 220 V
* Flow Rate: 0-17 L/ hr.
* Fog Particle Size: 10-50 microns (MMD)
* Solution Tank Capacity: 4L
* Empty Weight : 3.0 kg/unit
* Warranty: 12 months against any manufacturing defect(s).


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