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The Hurricane Ultra / Mister is an electric portable aerosol applicator that dispenses both oil and water based products.
Droplet Size: 10-15 microns

Areas of application:
The Hurricane ultra is ideal for use in spraying industrial and residential areas. Farms, Greenhouses, warehouses, animal care facilities, sanitation, germicidal spraying  and disease control programs. These are just few of the markets where the Hurricane Ultra is used.

Technical Details:
Name  Dyna Fog Hurricane Ultra. 
Type of Machine  Ultra Low Volume , Cold Aerosol Mist Sprayer.
Model no 2796
Power In Put 210/250 volt AC. 
Flow Rate  0-17 liter per hour. 
Solution Tank Output  0 – 68.4 Lt. / Hr.
Fog Particle Size   10-50 micron ( MMD )
Solution Tank Capacity  4 liters Plastic Tank.
Weight Empty  3.0 kg only.
Warranty 1 year limited warranty.


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