IK Vector 7.5 L IRS

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IK Vector 7.5 L IRS


* Efficient: Constant liquid volume and insecticide dosage during the whole application. Equipped with a
Control Flow Valv (1.50 bar/22psi)
* Light and comfortable: Light Pump (approx.3kg). Possible to carry on the back.
* Environmental and health: Reduced operator’s exposure to insecticides (droplet size higher the 200
microns). No leakages. Equipped with a safety valve.
* Easy to use and maintain: Very simple and easy to use, clean and maintain. Service kit and all parts
easily available.
* Robust and unique: WHOPES 2010 fully compliance (certified by WHO collaborative center). Unique
features, especially designed to improve Indoor Residual Spraying and Larviciding.
Fully equipped with VITON O-rings.

Application Areas: 
IK Vector Control professional spraying equipment for Indoor Residual Spraying and Larviciding.
Malaria, Dengue, Zika Chagas, Chikungunya, Yellow fever, Leishmaniasis, Lymphatic Filariasis.

Technical Specifications:
* 7.5 L filling capacities.
* Trigger Valve
* Control Flow Valve
* Safety Valve
* Translucent Tank easy volume reading
* Light tank (less than 3 kg)
* Straps. Heavy duty double straps, easily
* Footrest integrated in the tank
* Filling filter
* Complete Lid with spare filter, even fan and
larvicide nozzles
* Nozzle protection


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