JOSH 228

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JOSH 228

The spraying of pesticides is the most neglected sector in farming practices.
There has been lot of developments in the varieties of pesticides available in the market but the method of spraying has not seen any improvements. 
Farms are still compelled to use age old spraying techniques resulting into higher consumption of pesticides. 

With 2 years of relentless efforts, Foggers India brings you a revolution in spraying technology. 

Introducing - Josh 228 Tractor Mountable Mist Blower

Product Specifications: 
  • Italian made Brass Nozzles 5+5
  • Fully automatic self cleaning filter
  • Adjustable tank axels
  • High quality pressure pump

Technical Specifications:
Tank Size: 200 litres 
Hand Wash Tank: 15 litres 
Fan Size: 700 mm (28 inch) front suction fan
Gear box: 3 stage
Control Valve: Auto Bypass
Tyres: 2 tubeless tires
Chassies: Steel galvanized
Pumping System:
  • Diaphragm pump- DEL DEGAN DI60- 60 LPM
  • BERTOLINI PA 530 - 50 LPM


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