Matabi Power 16

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Matabi Power 16

* India’s First Lithium-Ion Battery Sprayer.
* Bigger and central chemical tank mouth reduces wastage while filling the spray .
* Comes with the filter.
* Specially agronomical designed for better pumping.
* Long spray with different spray nozzles and nozzle tips.
* Comes with detachable Lithium Battery that helps farmers for long lasting spraying.

Application Areas:
Ground crops such as leafy vegetables, Flower crops, cotton, coffee, wheat, paddy
crops, pulses, etc.

Technical Details: 
Total Capacity: 16L
Current Flow: 0.75A
Voltage: 12V
Charging time: 150 min
Operating time: 180 min
Battery capacity: 2600mA
Net weight: 3.1kg
Spray capacity: 
     1. Jet Spray: 162 L
     2. Mist Spray: 108L
Spray Capacity:
     1. Direct Jet: 10tanks
     2. Mist Spray: 6.5 tanks


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