Matabi Super Agro 16

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Matabi Super Agro 16

* Suitable for use in cultivated plots from 400 m2 up to large scale intensive
industrial use as they meet the needs of both amateurs and the most
demanding professional user.
* Matabi Super Agro 16 includes a mixer to ensure the homogeneity in
the mixing of the treatment.
* Lever fastening to make transportation easier.
* Ambidextrous and lightweight keeping the ergonomics.
* Comes with 3 position pressure regulator.

Application Areas:
Ground crops such as leafy vegetables, Flower crops, cotton, coffee,
wheat, paddy crops, pulses, etc.

Technical Information:
Hose: 1.3m (PVC)
Standard Nozzle: Metallic adjustable conical
Lance: Brass 59 cm
Useful Capacity: 16L
Total Capacity: 16.6L
Liters/min. 1,5 bar: 0.7l/min
Litres/min. 3bar: 1l/min
Net weight: 3.40kg
Wide filler opening: yes
Set of nozzles for herbicide and insecticide treatments: yes
Standard accessories: Pressure regulator, Set of nozzles (herbicide elbow plus fan, mirror and disc nozzle), two seals(1 rubber and 1 synthetic) and dispenser
Lance and extensions: Lance/lever
Straps: Adjustable and padded
Chamber seal: synthetic
Pressure regulator: Yes (3 positions)
Handle: PP


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