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Mister III has the versatility to dispense fungicides, insecticides, germicides and disinfectants as : wettable powders, emulsifiable concentrates, flowables or liquids in a variety of applications, greenhouses, warehouses, food processing plants, swine / poultry houses and much more.
With a formulation output of 12 gallons per hour, Mister III TM has power enough to produce small particles and effectively disperse them evenly over large areas for fast, economical and total coverage.

Useful for insect disinfectant usage in green houses and food storage ware house.
Technical Specification:

Name  Dyna Fog Mister III. Thermal Fogging Machine. 
Type of Machine  Thermal Aerosol Fog, petroleum based resonate pulse jet principal.
Model no  
Starting  Automatic Electric Start 
Performance of engine tube  28300 KCAL/HR or 44 Hp/hr – 33 Kw/Hr
Solution Tank Output  0 – 45 Lt. / Hr.
Solution Tank Capacity  11.4 liters Plastic Tank. 
  Optional Drum Kit for 200 lt Drum.
Fuel Tank Capacity  1.9 liters Plastic Tank. # With option to fit 4.0 lt tank
Solution Tank Pressure  0.28 bars.
Fuel Tank Pressure  Nil ( Non Pressured flue tank )
Fuel Consumption  2.3 liters per hr.
Ignition   Buzzer Coil 
Batteries Size 1.5 x 8 = 12v Battery DC 
Weight Empty  17.7 kg only.
Dimensions ( CM ) 173.5 x 38.1 x 42.7 [ L x W x H ]
Warranty 1 year limited warranty.


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