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S.S Fog 150 AF is what you as Health Directorate, Mosquito, Control
Expert & Pest control operator were looking for - S.S Fog 150 AF offers you
the best of best features of any international brand at the most affordable
price with reliable local after sales service in almost all parts of India
Important features :
Easy Start mechanism helps the user to effortlessly start the machine at push of the button
Powerful machine configuration at 16100 Kcal/hr-25.4 HP/hr S.S. Fog 150A/F offers 50% more power than any other Indian Brand.
Auto Formulation shut off value, taking user safety at highest level against potential fire hazard

Technical Specifications:

Name  Foggers S.S. FOG 150 AF. Portable Thermal Fogging Machine. 
Type of Machine  Thermal Aerosol Fog, petroleum based resonate pulse principal.
  Fogging application of Oil as Water based formulations.
Performance of engine tube  18.7 kW-hr /  16,100 KCAL/HR / 25.4 HP-HR 
Solution Tank Output  0 – 48 Lt. / Hr.
Solution Tank Capacity  6 liters Tank PE Or SS.
Fuel Tank Capacity  1.9 liters Tank.
Solution Tank Pressure  0.3 kg/cm²
Fuel Tank Pressure  0.08 kg/cm²
Fuel Consumption  1.9 liters per hr.
Ignition Source  Buzzer Coil / Air Compression Start
Batteries Size 6v Zero Maintenance / Re chargeable Batteries 
Weight Empty  9.0 kg Empty.
Starting  Automatic Start with Hand Pump Backup.
Auto Shut Off Valve  Auto Shut Off Valve, Prevents fire hazards on machine stopping. 
Dimensions  135 x 29 x 34 cm
Warranty 1 year warranty.
BIS 14855(Part 1) Complainant 
Made In Korea  


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