SS FOG 180 AF 2 IN 1

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SS FOG 180 AF 2 IN 1


Foggers India once again is very happy to stand up to solve the industry challenge by Introduction of 2 in 1 series of
Thermal Cum Cold Foggers, which give today’s health professional Choice and Option of switching over from Oil Based Thermal Fogging to Water based Cold Fogging, depending on the client, site and control plan.
This was easy as now. There is no need to invest in two different equipments.
Tested and Approved as per BIS 14855(Part I)
Compliance with WHO Standards
CE Certified

Technical Specification:

Name  S.S. FOG 180 AF. 2 In 1 Portable Thermal Cum Cold Fogging Machine. 
Type of Machine  Thermal Aerosol Fog, petroleum based resonate pulse principal.
Performance of engine tube  18.7 kW-hr / 25.4 HP-HR 
Engine Tube Composition  CRC Steel 310. (With certified copy.)
Solution Tank Output  0 - 42 Lt. / Hr. Oil Base Formulations.
  0 - 25 Lt. / Hr. Water based Formulations.
Type Of Fogging Oil based Thermal Fogging 
  Water based Cold Fogging.
  Built in single control valve for switch over from oil based to water-based formulation with separate formulation insert points for oil based thermal fogging and water based cold fogging (ULV)
Solution Output Control Fog out managed via Easy Dial Flow Control
Solution Tank Capacity  5.5 Ltr – Plastic Tanks 
Fuel Tank Capacity  1.9 liters Tank. / CRC Steel.
Solution Tank Pressure  0.3 kg/cm²
Fuel Tank Pressure  0.08 kg/cm²
Fuel Consumption l/hr 1.9 liters per hr.
Ignition Source  Automatic Start with Air Compressor and Buzzer Coil. 
Batteries Size 6v Zero Maintenance - Re chargeable Batteries with charger. 
Weight Empty  9.0 to 11.0 kg 
Starting  Automatic Start with Hand Pump Backup.
Auto Shut Off Valve  Auto Shut Off Valve, prevents fire hazards on machine stopping. 
Dimensions  135 x 29 x 34 cm
Certifications/ Approval  Certificate of testing as per BIS 14855(Part I) by Govt. Testing Lab.
  CE Certification Copy. 
  ISO Certification Copy
Registration MSME Registration / Udyog Adhar Registration.
Warranty 1-year limited warranty.


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