Sudarshan Chain Saw

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Sudarshan Chain Saw

* The powerful Sudarshan chainsaw in the performance class up to 2.2 kW
are essential for forestry.
* Massive performance and low weight is impressive with thinning work,
felling trees and harvesting thinner wood.
* This chainsaw is specially developed for extreme conditions and offer
everything that professionals require.

Application Areas:
* Foggers Sudarshan Chain Saw is an ideal partner for pruning of
trees and branches

Technical Specifications:
Tank Size: Two stroke air cooled engine
Displacement: 51.7 cc
Power: 2.2 kw / 7000 rpm
Fuel: 1 Lt petrol + 40 ml 2T oil
Carburetor: Pump diaphragm type
Max. Engine Speed: 10000 rpm
Oil feeding System: Automatic pump with adjuster
Fuel Tank Capacity: 550 ml
Oil Tank Capacity: 250 ml
Chain Bar Length :18”


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