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* Balwan is a new generation power knapsack sprayer for faster and more efficient coverage of your spraying.
* It comes with Taiwan Engine. Most efficient in fuel consumption.
* Bigger filler hole to avoids spillage.
* Drain out cap is provided at the bottom of the tank.
* Wider shoulder straps for operator’s comfort.
* Spray gun and spray lance supplied with sprayer.
* Equipped with pressure regulator.
* Better Coverage: Balwan is high volume sprayer, has a spray discharge ranging from 2 to 3 Liter per minutes. This means that when you walk faster
than normal walking speed you can cover 3 times more area in compare to Manual Knapsack Sprayer.
* Labor Saving: Balwan saves on labor, against 3 Spray labor with manual knapsack sprayer Balwan requires 1 Spray Labor.
* Balwan Power Knapsack is high volume sprayer; the sprayer comes with one spray lance and one spray gun with hollow cone nozzle.

Application Areas:
Balwan sprayer is useful for spraying insecticide, fungicide and nutrition spraying. Three Nozzle spray lance is ideal for spraying on all type of field and
vegetable crops. The Spray gun is ideal for use on horticulture crops for spraying vertically up to 15 to 20 Ft height.
Technical Specifications:

1. Pump: Horizontal gear driven
2. Tank Capacity: 20L        
3.Output: 3~8L/min     
4.Pressure: 1.5 ~ 2.5 Mpa       
5.Engine:139 F, 4 stroke air cooled engine    
6. Displacement: 31 CC       
7.Engine Power: 0.7 Kw/ 6500 rpm       
8.Fuel tank capacity: 0.9 L


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