SS fog 400 2 IN 1

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SS fog 400 2 IN 1



* Foggers India once again is very happy to stand up to solve the industry challenge by Introduction of 2 in 1 series of Thermal Cum Cold Foggers , which give today’s health professional Choice and Option of switching over from Oil Based Thermal Fogging to Water based Cold Fogging , depending on the client , site and control plan.
* This was easy as now. There is no need to invest in two different equipments.
* SS FOG 400 is vehicle Mountable Thermal Fogging machine , based on thermal aresole fog, petroleum based resonate pulses principal,
* Generally called as pluse jet based thermal fogging machine , with petal valve based carburetor engine tube. the machine is build on protective  cover for operators, it has wired remot control operation for  convently start and stop the  machine and fog  on and operation from drivers seat
* SS FOG 400 can be mounted on three wheeler or four wheeler pick up.
* SS FOG 400 comes with TWO 108 ltr Stainless Steel Formulation tank.
* One Wach for Oil based formultaion and One for water based formulation
* Tested and Approved as per BIS 14855(Part I)
* Complayance with WHO Standards

Technical Specifications:

Name  S.S. FOG 400 Jeep Mountable Thermal Fogging Machine. 
Type of Machine  Double Barrel Type - Thermal Aerosol Fog, petroleum based resonate pulse principal.
Performance of engine tube  66 kW/hr 
Solution Tank Output  0 – 150 Lt. / Hr.
Solution Tank Capacity  More than 108 liters, Stainless Steel.
Fuel Tank Capacity  12 Ltr.
Fuel Consumption  4.6 liters per hr.
Ignition Source  Buzzer Coil / Air Compression Start
Batteries Size 12v Battery Start ( Sourced from jeep batteries)
Weight Empty  55 kg Empty.
Remote  Remote Control Operation. 
Starting  Automatic Start from remote control.
Warranty One year warranty.


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