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The Twister XL is the most impressive ULV backspace applicator in the world. The Twister features a remarkable nozzle and blower system that clearly outperforms the competition in value, durability and performance.
It boosts the highest flow rates for true (ULV) droplets of any backpack sprayer in the market today.
The Twister is designed as a lightweight compact aerosol generator that is ergonomically suited for long periods of use by the operator
This unit excels in controlling mosquitoes and other flying insects by way of its patented Microtec nozzle that produces 90% of the droplets under 20 microns at flow rates under 6.0 oz/min (178 ml/min).

Technical Specifications:

Type Knapsack/Backpack-Motorized, Aerosol Generator, Non
  Thermal, Insecticide, Ultra-Low-Volume (ULV).
Engine Honda 4 stoke high performance engine. Emissions compliant,
  low fuel consumption, extra quiet. Operating speed 7500 RPM.
Blower High speed Rotary type, 3-Stage, Belt driven, 95 cfm (2.68 m3/
  min) unrestricted, pressure 3 psi. (.2 bar) max., tangential dis -
  charge, ground steel shaft with two high quality ball bearings.
Flow Control  Interchangeable restricting orifice to produce different flow
  rates, from 1.5 oz/min (45 ml/min) to *17 oz/min (500 ml/min).
  * When using optional Dual Nozzle attachment.
Nozzles  Single high output Microtec™ nozzle. Optional extra dual
  nozzle kit for higher output.
Tanks Corrosion resistant, high density Polyethylene. Formulation: 1
  U.S. Gallons (3.78 liters), Gasoline: .67 liters.
Droplet Size Produces 90% of the droplets below 20 um (ULV) Mass Medium
  Diameter (VMD) at flow rates up to 6.0 oz/min (178 ml/min).
  Higher flow rates will provide larger droplets for residual
Accessories Curtis Viscometer to determine the formulation viscosity,
  2-cycle oil beaker, funnel, spare parts kit.
Option  Twin Nozzle Kit (P/N 39716)
Dry Weight  26 lbs. (11.8 Kg.)
Dimensions 14.75” L (37.5 cm) x 12” W (30.5 cm) x 22.5” H (57.2 cm)
Shipping  25” L (63.5 cm) x 19” W (48.3 cm) x 16” H (41.1 cm)
Volume  4.39 cu.ft. (.123 cu. meter), Weight: 36 lbs (16.3 Kg)


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