Wegwan Supreme 4S

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Wegwan Supreme 4S


* Farmers prefers Wegwan as the most durable, efficient, portable and labor saving spraying equipment which can be used for agricultural purpose.
* Wegwan is designed for use under the least favorable condition.
* Wegwan is the light weight and very powerful sprayer.
* Engine produces high torque normally associated with large power.
* Recoil starter for easy starting.
* Provided with continuous agitation system.

Application Areas:
* Wegwan is an ideal partner for spraying on Orchards and Ground Crops.
Technical Specifications:
Pump: Horizontal Gear Driven
Plunger: 1 piece (two way operation). 18 mm.
Stroke: 4 stroke
Output: 5 Lt/min
Pressure: 3~7 LPM
Engine Type: Single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled engine
Engine Power: 1.2 Kw/ 7000 rpm
Ignition Mode:CDI Ignition
Starting System: Recoil starter


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